Restoration of soft furniture:
production of different size mattresses;
repair of chairs;
repair of armchairs;
antique furniture restoration.

Restoration and production of furniture of public institutions, cafés, clubs, hairdressers and others:
by special order.

Restoration of car interiors:
sewing of slipcovers for car seats;
sewing of car interior details;
facing dashboards with artificial learher;
facing steering-wheels;
hemming, cutting and fitting carpets;
restoration of antique car interiors;
sewing and mending of cabriolets’ canopies.

Motorcycles :
differert motorbikes’ seats restoration;
saddle bags and clothing restoration.

Planes, ships:
restoration of interiors for planes and ships.

Sewing and mending of canopies:
for different models of stackers;
for cars;
for ships.

Different computer stiching (on leather and fabric surfaces):

Footwear and haberdashery mending:
zipper replacement;
repair of belts.